spring clean 2015

Wardrobe Edit  –  7 Steps to Spring Clean your Closet

So Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer and there are beautiful new clothes and shoes in-store and online all just begging you to buy them. But before you go shopping and add more to your already bulging closet, it’s worth conducting your own wardrobe edit.

At the end of the process you will have a clean and manageable closet full of clothes you will actually wear.  You will  also be able to identify any gaps you have and have a list of clothing you actually need, which will ensure you avoid bringing home another … you know what! For me it’s another black top!

So block out the diary, turn up the tunes and get cracking allocate at least 2 hours

Follow our 7 step plan to make spring cleaning the closet as easy, quick and maintainable as possible.

spring clean 2015

Step 1 Find four large boxes or bags and label them.  I like to have

Box 1.   Recycle or Pass on.  In this box place items that are in good shape but that you no longer want.  Give them away, sell them or give them to a charity store.

Box 2.   Repair / Tailor – In this box place any items that require some tailoring to improve fit and wearability

Box 3.    Retain   –  In this box place clothes that fit well, are still in fashion and in good form

Box 4.    Rubbish  – In this box place anything that fits poorly, is torn or stained. It’s time for the bin!


Step 2  Empty all your clothes onto the bed. If there are too many clothes start with categories for example all your pants and so on.


Step 3 Move heavy coats, ski wear and winter boots to another room or wardrobe.


Step 4 Try on all your clothes for fit and style.  Allocate each item to one of the four boxes above.

When it comes to those items that you get stuck on those that are hard to let go of, try asking yourself one of these questions

If I was shopping now and I saw this item would I buy it?


Would I choose to wear this white shirt over the other white shirts I have?

Step 5

Everything in the Keep box should be hung neatly in the closet in a way that works for you – I like my clothes sorted into category and colour.

Felted hangers are great for maximising space and keeping clothes in shape. Knits should always be folded.

Spring Closet clean out


Step 6 – Once you have finished bag up the items that you aren’t keeping put them straight into the car to avoid any chance of going back over the discarded items later on.

Step 7 –  Write a list of any items that you don’t have and that you need for this season and go shopping!


Helpful Organising and Storage Tips 

Hint 1 To keep your scarves visible and accessible make rings with PVC for your your scarves and keep them inside a draw

Hint 2 Line draws with statement paper for a chic look

spring clean 2015

Hint 3 If you are a sunglasses fan or collector like Angela and I, then store and display them in a drawer with dividers.

spring clean 2015


Hint 4 For the ultra organised, plan your outfits in advance for the week and use daily dividers to keep on track.

daily organisation tags

spring clean 2015



Have you got any other hints? We’d love to hear them, tell us in the comments sections below

















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