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Trend Alert- Stirrup pants

By Sarah Makris

While wandering through one of my favourite stores, Scanlan Theodore, last week i stumbled upon a pair of stirrup pants.  I’m sure you’ll remember them if you think back to your pre teen years.  I had a purple pair -argh what a thought!

Along with so many other 80’s styles, think shiny metallics, shoulder pads and bold logo T-shirts,  it appears stirrup pants are back!

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While for most of us this is not the first time we’ve pulled on a pair of stirrup pants, it has been a long time since they were fashionable. So the question stands, how does one incorporate these latest pants into our Autumn Winter wardrobe and how should it be styled?

If there is one redeeming quality about stirrups pants it’s that they are flattering and can elongate your legs.

Style tip: To pull of this look its important to play with proportions. Choose tight or leg skimming stirrup pants in good quality natural fibres and wear them with a statement coat or a loose shirt and blazer.


Shoes: I love a  high pump with these pants, but boots and loafers can also look great.

Style Tip: When it comes to deciding whether to put the stirrup inside or outside the shoe, anything goes! It’s really up to you.


Style AND Tonic Hints

# Choose pants that fit well at the waist. You don’t want to be constantly pulling your pants up!


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