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Did rash vests just get sexy?



I’m the first to admit that I love the sun and I really do think I look better with a tan, but as I get older I’m also acutely aware of the damage that the sun does to my skin.   These days, now that I’m much more educated in all things sun-related ( wrinkles, pigmentation and sunburn) I’m much more inclined to put on the 50 plus and the hat than I ever was in my youth.

As Summer approaches and the need for new bathers, or swimmers or cosie as our friends in the north of Australia call them, I’ve  noticed that rash vests are becoming more and more popular with skin conscious celebrities and women generally.

Rash Guards celebrity style


Growing up in the 80’s i was lucky to get a splash of sunscreen from my parents and could never have imagined the head to toe cover-ups that the kids of today wear to the beach, which makes it all the more surprising to me that rash vests are becoming more and more popular with adults.

Designers from Stella McCartney and Mara Hoffman to our own Seafolly and  Jets are all doing their own stylish takes on what was once strictly kids attire or the domain of surfers.

From ruffles to cap sleeves to zips and cropped versions, the options are endless and has turned the humble rash vest into a stylish and sexy statement piece.

Here some of my favourites 

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Style AND Tonic Hints

# Rash vest always run small so go up a size so you have a little wriggle  room.


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