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Ivanka Trump – Style Crush

Regardless of your politics, there is no denying that Ivanka Trump oozes personal style.  For us she was the one to watch when it came to the long and contested American presidential election.

Not only is Ivanka Trump an accomplished businesswomen, but she is also extremely stylish and one of the best dressed corporate women in America.

Since her father Donald Trump became the American President, she has been in the spotlight regularly and never misses a beat when it comes to her personal style. Her red carpet choices have wowed fashion lovers from all over the world with her feminine and fitted gowns.

Red Carpet

ivanka trump style

As a successful business women in her own right, dressing for the office is where Ivanka excels.  She knows how to play to her strengths, with statement jackets and fitted skirts and dresses, that show off her great figure and long legs. She is blessed with height and we love the fact she isn’t afraid to wear sky scraping heels for maximum impact.

Although she has a conservative office style she embraces colour and prints and adds fashionable accessories to show her personality and maintain a youthful and modern look.

Now that her and her young family ( 3 children) have settled in in Washington we expect her to continue her corporate chic style as she graces the halls of the Whitehouse.

Work Style

ivanka trump corp chic

The Statement Jackets

Ivanka Trump statment jacket

Off Duty Style

When it comes to her off duty style it is best described as youthful, polished and comfortable.  Her go to items include designer flats, jeans or dresses and long coats. Quality of fabrics and cut is key to Ivanka’s polished style and enviable street style look.

Ivanka Trumo off duty

Style AND Tonic Hints

# invest in different colour blouses that can work back with different suits

# add personality through a bright bag or shoes

# invest in beautiful statement jackets and coats


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