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Sam Armytage Style Crush

Samantha Armytage – Style Crush

Our latest Style Crush, Samantha Armytage, is the talented co-host of Channel 7 morning show Sunrise.  The Channel 7 network snapped up Armytage, who graduated from Charles Sturt University with a communications degree, after standing out during the coverage of the 2003 Canberra Bushfires. It wasn’t long before the personable and high achieving Armytage progressively rose through the television ranks where she now has the coveted position of co-host on Sunrise.

Sam Armytage Style Crush

Since 2013 Style AND Tonic have noticed Armytage’s style slowly transforming – and we’ve taken notice! Not only can we not get enough of her style in front of the box and on the Sydney social scene, we also love Armytage’s off duty style as well.

We first noticed Armytage’s style transformation from the top down, that is, a fresh new hairstyle. Out with the waves and short bobs,  and in with the ultra chic shoulder length hair. A long layer near her jaw frames her face. This instantly created a youthful and on trend look. Armytage either wears her hair straight when down or pulled back for special occasions. The latter style looks striking on Armytage as it suits her oval shaped face.

Lady In Red

Sam Armytage Style Crush

Whilst we love red, we never dare to wear it but envy the stylish women who can pull it off. And Armytage is certainly that woman. The key here is the open neckline so that the red fabric is kept far away from her face. The addition of a metallic belt breaks up the monochrome outfit and highlights Armytage’s small waist.

Monochrome and Colour blocking

Sam Armytage Style Crush

Our favourite bold bright colours on Armytage are turquoise, sapphire or pink. Unlike wearing red, the neckline isn’t as important as all these colours compliment the morning co-host’s complexion. Accessories are kept to a minimum apart from a pair of detailed earrings.

Classic Black

Sam Armytage Style Crush

When Armytage wants to turn heads, all she has to do is wear black. A timeless colour, Armytage is tranformed from everybody’s favourite morning co-host to a sexy, sophisticated vixen. Whether it’s a bold figure hugging leather dress, crepe knit outfit or black top; this colour is flattering on Armytage and needs little accessories to create a wow factor.

Sam Armytage Style Crush


Sam Armytage Style Crush

Do you want to know the secret to Armytage’s polished and youthful style? It’s all about embracing her shape and wearing fitted and structured attire that enhances her enviable physique. These sartorial choices accentuate her waist either by design or with a narrow belt. Knee or midi length skirts and dresses are the preferred length and she teams them with a pointy pump or platform peep toe heel. As Armytage has petite shoulders and a full cleavage, statement necklaces and accessories are kept to a minimum.

Off Duty

Sam Armytage Style Crush

The demand of (torturously) early morning starts and constantly being scrutinised on TV means Armytage likes to take a relaxed approach to her off duty style. She can regularly be seen in leather trousers (which we love), distressed denim (another favourite), neutral colours and of course, statement sunglasses. We love her off duty style, as she looks youthful, stylish and carefree – just as women should feel when they are running errands.

Armytage is a style inspiration to many women. Whether it’s Armytage, her talented stylist, or both, we love watching Armytage’s style continue to evolve both on and off the camera. (If you enjoyed this story, see more from our Style Crush series below)






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