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Style AND Tonic’s Ultimate Guide to Resort Style Dressing

When it comes to resort style dressing there really is a simple formula. We’ve pulled together our top 9 tips that guarantee to have you looking resort style chic this summer.

Recently, I was lucky enough to soak up some rays in magical Bora Bora.

I stayed at the St Regis hotel, which is by all accounts is amazingly luxurious. One of the guilty pleasures of staying in a resort such as this is the people watching.


People Watching

One of the guests who was staying in Bora Bora at the same time as us,was a successful American businessman famous for his street-wear brands and reality TV shows.  He was there with his gorgeous and youthful wife.

Another guest was a  famous blogger from Asia with white blonde hair.   She was very fond of posing around the pool, with her large pink pelican and thought nothing of changing into her next Instagram ready outfit by the pool, in full view of everyone.

There was also a young newly-wed, and very affectionate couple who spent hours in the pool. She wore about 50 bangles on her arms and didn’t take them off even to swim (I’m sure someone can enlighten my on the significance of this).

Maybe it was due to the beautiful location, but the new bride was also rather fond of her selfie stick and of taking pics with her man.  On one occasion the bride actually took the Asian blogger’s blow up pelican from her sun lounge when she had gone for lunch.  When the Asian blogger returned to find the bride wrapped around HER pelican taking selfies – she was not happy, to say the least!! With a huff and a puff she took her blow up bird back! – so funny to watch!

resort chic

It’s all about the fashion really!

As entertaining as all that was, it was the clothes I was really interested in.  As always when overseas I was in awe of the beautiful clothes and shoes that seem to fit in perfectly with the beach-side locations.  It goes without saying that having a toned body certainly helps when flashing the flesh poolside, but knowing what to wear and the right designers can put you in good stead for looking just as glamorous.

So even if you are heading to a relaxed beach-side location here in Australia, it is still possible to pull of summer holiday chic with our guide to resort style dressing.

resort chic

9 Tips to Pulling Off Resort Style Chic 

Tip 1  – What’s your resort style?

Resort style dressing should be casual and breezy and most of all chic and glamourous. Comfort is also really important too as your clothes should express your personality.

Tip 2Dress for your location

Knowing your locations is very important.  If you’ve never been there before, it’s a good idea to find out the temperature and the humidity levels during the day as well as the night.

In Bora Bora it was so humid in the evenings that I couldn’t even manage to keep the lightest of bronzers on my face, so dressing for dinner meant very light weight clothing and minimal makeup. Most resorts have at least one very dressy restaurant  so it’s always worth packing an outfit that can be dressed up with heels and statement jewelry.

Tip 3  – Wear Colour

Even if your wardrobe is black, black and more black (Melbourne ladies) summer holidays are a great reason to break away from the usual and try something new . Black and white always look great but so does light neutrals paired with bright, sunny colors. Khaki, shades of white and ivory with light blues, orange, bright pink and yellow can also look ultra chic.

Tip 4 –  Choose your fabrics wisely

Lightweight, breathable fabrics are a must in hot countries. Cotton and linen are clear winners, and jersey blends travel well.

Tip 5 – Pack shoes that are flattering, stylish yet practical.

Stay away from heels for the daytime they just don’t work near wooden planked floors or sand.  Instead, choose a sandal with a small wedge or a flatform shoe.

Tip 6 – You can never have too many Kaftans 

Kaftans are so practical and there are so many different ways to wear them that they are a must have item for any holiday. However, unless you’re aiming to look like you just walked off the Camilla Runway, go easy on the jewellery and bangles, so as to keep your kaftan looking relaxed and in keeping with your location.  I really love the short kaftans during the day but I prefer lightweight cotton versions over the silk if I’m by the water so that I don’t have to worry about them getting wet.

Tip 7  – A Beautiful Hat

Wide-brimmed straw hats are the perfect accessory to any summer outfit because it adds instant glamour. Fedoras, Panamas and Cowboys style hats also look great.  Visors are also a good choice for swimming.


Tip 8 – Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory.  These days anything goes from the oversized style for ultra glamour to colours and patterns in all shapes.  Right now I can’t go past mirrored sunglasses.

Tip 9 – Versatile Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery it’s all about packing smart. Choose jewellery that can mix and match with your outfits and aren’t too heavy in weight, as they can annoying quickly in the heat.

In the evening, kick up the glam factor with gold or silver jewelry such as large cuffs or a big cocktail ring, which gives even a simple cotton dress a polished look.

Our Favourite Resort Style Designers

Melissa Obadash


Cool Change


Mara Hoffman





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Who are your go-to designers at holiday time? tell us in the comments section below

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