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The Rubz Accessories

By Angela

During my most recent summer getaway to the Mornington Peninsula, I managed to escape for a few precious minutes of alone time (as much as I adore my family my sanity comes first). I ended up at little boutique in Mt Martha village where I stumbled upon a selection of bracelets by The Rubz.

Instantly drawn to the thick silicone chain, contrasting shiny metal links, and endless colour combinations, I knew this was a Style AND Tonic find that I just had to share with our readers. The Rubz is a newly developed Scandanavian brand that is rapidly gaining global attention in the short time it has been around.

The Rubz Accessories

Whether it’s the bulky size of the bracelet, or the linked silicone chain with metal highlights, the Rubz bracelet is a luxurious statement piece (and without the price tag to match which is a lovely bonus.) I ended up buying the white silicone with gold chain as well as the navy silicone with stainless steel metal.

The Rubz – Desert Sand and Gold Bracelet


The Rubz Accessories


Thus far 3 of my girlfriends have also sought and bought their own Rubz bracelets in colours and combinations I’m lusting after. They look great as a statement piece, paired alongside a metallic watch, or as part of an arm stack, the latter being how I choose to wear mine.

The Rubz – Black, Gold and Swarovski Crystal bracelet

The Rubz Accessories


Upon further online research I came across a Swarovski encrusted Rubz bracelet.  I really want/need/love the Swarovski encrusted version. I can’t seem to find an Australian stockist for the Swarovski version but I hope to be able to source one soon. Sarah and my girlfriend Annabelle LOVE an O.S.C. (Online Shopping Challenge) so I’m going to hand this one over to them.

In the meantime, see the latest Rubz bracelets from local stockists and let us know which combination is your favourite:

Hard To Find

The Iconic

Crate & Co


The Rubz – Navy and Silver Bracelet

The Rubz Accessories

The Rubz –  Rose Gold Metal bracelet

The Rubz Accessories

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