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Shampoo and Conditioners are not known for their gorgeous packaging but my latest find is up there with the makeup and perfume when it comes to aesthetics.

I’ve been getting my hair blow dried once or twice a week for the past 20 plus years and I am probably what some may call ‘hair obsessed’.

I’m a Leo  after all,  and we are known for our manes.  But I could also be called slightly neurotic with my specific rules and routines relating to my hair and how it is managed. For example I don’t like washing and styling my own hair,  probably because it never looks as good as it does in the salon. I only go out if my hair is done ( by my hairdresser) so goodbye spontaneity! and I am incredibly fussy about hair products. So when a family member showed me recently her latest purchase of the most beautiful looking range of hair products by the highly regarded Oribe Hair Company, i was instantly on a mission to try them out myself.

So I tracked down my nearest stockist at Y Salon in South Yarra in Melbourne and bought some myself.

For someone who doesn’t like washing her hair this shampoo has  been revolutionary.

The bottles are amazing, so add instant glamour to any bathroom but the actual shampoo and conditioner have a great effect on my thick and unruly hair and leaves it feeling really soft. Im actually enjoying washing my own hair now but i unfortunately can’t say the same for blow drying

If you haven’t heard of Oribe before,  it was was founded by renowned editorial and celebrity hairstylist and beauty industry veterans Daniel Kaner and Tev Finger to meet the needs of the hair obsessed.  They even have a hashtag that accompanies every image of Oribe hair products #Oribeobsessed.  How fitting!


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