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No 28 Hourglass Beauty Review

No.28 Primer by Hourglass


The other day, I was applying makeup on my gorgeous girlfriends Timara and Annabelle, ahead of a very long and champagne filled day at the Melbourne Cup.

And even though they bemoaned the amount of prep work involved (I cannot stress the importance of priming!) it was worth every minute when I received overwhelming positive feedback regarding the staying power of their makeup. I attribute this to my latest beauty find, No. 28 by Hourglass.

4 Weeks Earlier

Week’s earlier while wandering through Mecca, I’d fallen in love and become obsessed with a new primer that also claims to be a serum, No.28 by Hourglass. Some people meditate to relax; I prefer to walk amongst lip balms, angled brushes and Vitamin A serums.

I also love talking shop with the Mecca ladies and was in need of a new primer. Pointing out my dehydrated and uneven skin surface, Poppy, a friendly and knowledgeable assistant swore by the Hourglass primer.

No 28 Hourglass Beauty Review

No. 28 is both a serum and primer with, you guessed it, 28 different key ingredients; there are 14 essential oils, 10 lipid rich plant oils and 4 vitamins. I’m not a fan of products that make dual claims as one of the claims ends up disappointing me. However, in this instance, the claims and quality hit the mark.

My skin has uneven texture yet the lightweight viscosity of No.28 acts as a topical filler and evens out the texture of my skin. Subsequently, the smooth top layer creates an ideal surface for an even application of my foundation. I’d also add that the fine and not so fine wrinkles around my eyes and forehead also appear softer and less defined.

I am a huge fan of this product and the best adjective to describe how this primer serum feels and coincidentally smells (I have a strong aversion for offensive or overly perfumed beauty products) is DIVINE.


No 28 Hourglass Beauty Review

One pump is all you need for the whole face and neck and like all primers, wait at least a couple of minutes before applying the rest of your makeup.

You’ll notice that the foundation will glide on and therefore apply evenly. My skin doesn’t look nor feel dry and flaky (which can happen when dry or dehydrated skin pulls the moisture from your foundation.)

Another hidden bonus when using this lush primer/serum is that at the end of the day, the makeup glides of easily! I can feel some of the serum residue and I don’t get that overly taught/dry feeling that can transpire after scrubbing make up off. I hate removing makeup but I’ve been more consistent since using this primer.


So what is the verdict from Timara and Annabelle? They may just be a sample size of 2 but judging from their feedback, as well as the on line reviews, this is one beauty that actually stands up to it’s claims. The week following the races Timara and Annabelle are now proud owners of the this serum and can see the importance of priming!!!


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