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Freshen Your Nails With White Nail Polish

Freshen Your Nails With White Nail Polish

We’ve loved choosing red polish as our staple during the summer season but sometimes it’s fun to work white into our polish rotation. Choose the right white nail polish and you’ll always be on trend, whether it’s summer or winter, during the day or an evening event.

We’ve come a long way from those teenage days of using White-Out to achieve white nail polish. What we love about a white manicure is that if you choose the right white, it looks fresh and sophisticated on everyone, and it goes with just about everything.  You’ll also find that white manicures look especially smart on short nails adorned with jewellery. Stacking gold rings, rose gold bracelets, and any other metal in between all complement white manicures particularly well.

The Nars white nail polish is just as bright as any neon or red nail polish and is a great choice for spring and summer. It is especially suited to medium to dark complexions. For lighter complexions, a flat white hue is not always complimentary (however looks amazing on medium to very dark skin tones.) We recommend a white hue that has a hint of ivory to soften the white nail polish and compliment the lighter skin tones.

During the cooler months, winter white nail polish such Jin Soon has a blue-grey undertone. These are the similar undertones found in snow. Also using a flat topcoat instead of shiny alternative creates a winter white feel.


Style AND Tonic Hints

# Use bright whites or deep glossy white polish during summer with a neon type brightness on medium to dark skin

# Paler skin looks better with a white with ivory or pink undertones as bright whites are too harsh

# As with any nail polish, always make sure nails are filed and look neat for a perfect finish


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