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Nail art and I have not always been friends.

Firstly I’m not a fan of overly long nails and fussy nail art.  It conjures up images  from the 80’s of either completely over-done women dripping with gold jewellery and sequins clothing or my first attempts at putting on my mums stick on nails – both have had a lasting effect 0n my appreciation for ultra long and decorated nails. So the resurgence of nail art is something i’ve naturally avoided.

However, recently I have found  myself admiring the creative talents of nail artist or nail stylists as they are often referred to on Instagram and Pinterest which is filled with amazing designs, drawings and #nailinspiration.

Although i admire the talents of these nail stylists it’s the chic and sophisticated nail styling seen on the runways and editorial campaigns for designers such as Narcisco Rodriguez, Mara Hoffman and Donna Karran has convinced me that there is a way decorate your nails and still look chic and age appropriate.

So how do you dabble in a bit of nail art and still maintain a level of chic sophistication? See our hints below

Hint 1 – Keep the design simple 

Stick with simple colours and clean designs.  Think less is more.  Try a single diagonal line or a modern take on the french manicure by choosing a different colour for the tip while keeping the rest simple.

nail art trends 2016


Hint 2 –  Choose a neutral base

Choose neutral colours. Using base colours in beiges, browns, creamy pinks, greys or metallics you can  create chic yet subtle accents.

nail art trends 2016


Hint 3 – Make a statement

Keep the rest of your fingers bare of jewellery and let your nails make the statement.

nail art trends 2016


What you think of nail art?  Tell us in the comments section below

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