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makeup tips to last all day

Makeup tips to last all day

Do you ever one of those days where you need to look fabulous and polished throughout the day for various commitments? Well the last thing you need to worry about is looking washed out as your make up slowly disappears into your chaotic day. So here at Style AND Tonic, we’ve researched and come up with a few essential make up tips to last all day when you need it most!

Clean surface

Let’s not pretend that we always wash our make up off and cleanse at the end of the day! Or are we the only ones that are so exhausted by the end of the day that the offer of a fluffy soft pillow is to hard to refuse. Anyhow, when there is a big day planned, we always cleanse thoroughly the night before and add a scrub to our routine. The idea is to have as clean a surface as possible so that your make up adheres to your skin, as opposed to old makeup and dead skin cells. In the morning, we just rinse our face with water and use a face washer for a gentle wipe down.


Use a light based moisturiser, even on dry skin so that the entire product absorbs into your skin. Otherwise, a thicker moisturiser can remain on the surface of your face and shift your makeup throughout the day leaving it looking blotchy. Also allow at least 10 minutes for your moisturiser to set.

Primers – yes they really work

Think of a primer as a tool that creates an even surface that acts as a bond between your face and foundation. These days primers do more than act as a bonding surface, they can make you look more radiant, reduce pore size and correct redness. Lastly, our favourite aspect of a primer (particularly as we get older) is that the key ingredients help keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated.

Primers are also great around the eye area. The new introduction of eye primers prevents your eyes from looking smeared and ending up looking like panda eyes by lunchtime. There are some eye primers that also help to fill in the fine lines around the eyes and therefore create an even surface for eyeshadow which is a plus in our books.

Foundation tricks

Always use a concealer first rather than the foundation. We find using a stick concealer during the day under the eye area and just above the cheeks help create another surface for the foundation to adhere to.

We recommend a tinted foundation over a full cover foundation as a little bit lasts a long way. A thick foundation can crack, look cakey, sit in creases and exaggerate wrinkles, especially those around the mouth. Finish off with a loose powder sparingly to set makeup and apply a little more under the eye area to prevent running eye makeup.

Eyes and Lips

For the eyes, use powder to create a soft day look with a good quality angled brush.   As powder can disappear throughout the day, finish off with brown or dark brown liquid eyeliner. It’s best to avoid black liquid eyeliner during the day, as it can look too harsh. We are also fans of Kevyn Aucoin mascara during the day as the latex technology means it doesn’t smudge – ever. We also recommend a clear brow gel to set your brows.

The trick with lips is to use a stain that compliments your complexion and then add a bit of lip balm or gloss throughout the day. We find that even when the gloss rubs off, the stain creates a lovely natural colour. (Shop Style AND Tonic story below)


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makeup tips to last all day







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makeup tips to last all day






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makeup tips to last all day



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