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chyka style

Want to know Chyka Keebaugh’s top three style tips?  We asked the real Housewives of Melbourne star when we saw her recently and here’s what she said:

Style Tip 1: Know you body shape and don’t be afraid to show off areas that you might think are not your best.  Chyka gave us this example: By covering up your behind, you might be hiding some of your best assets such as a small waist.

Style Tip 2: Choose 1 chunky accessory. For Chyka, it’s either a statement necklace or statement earrings, never both at the same time.

Style Tip 3:  Wear colour!!!! (Shock, horror if you’re a Melbourne reader but we concur with Chyka!)

We couldn’t agree more with these great tips.

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chyka keebaugh style


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