Hairstyle 2015 low bun

One of the most popular looks for 2015 is the low bun hairstyle. It is versatile and classic and a style that lends itself to any occasion. The low bun is also very flattering and the messy loose style can give you a really youthful look. Here’s three ways to wear a low bun.


The low bun is the perfect hairstyle for when you don’t have a lot of time.  It goes with everything from jeans and t-shirts to a dress and sandals.  When wearing a bun casually its best to keep it loose, low and a bit messy.  Twisted buns work well on medium length hair.  For long hair try a half up half down low bun.


Hairstyle 2015 low bun



A low bun is also a sophisticated and elegant hairstyle for work.  When wearing this look to the office it’s best to tighten it up slightly and pin any loose hair away from the face for a more professional and polished look.  The back of the bun should also be neater and rounder with any elastic bands covered with a piece of hair.


Hairstyle 2015 low bun



As seen on the red carpets of late the bun is a back.  This style is ideal for evening and has so many variations from the perfect classic bun to the twisted and plaited styles.  This style sees loose hair fall just off the face and gives the wearer a more youthful and romantic appearance.

Hairstyle 2015 low bun



 Style AND Tonic Hints

# Don’t try to make the bun perfect

# Low buns work best on medium length hair

# See you tube for tutorials on how to create different bun styles yourself


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