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louis vuitton instinct half boot

Louis Vuitton Instinct Half Boots – Lust List

It is a case of lust at first site with the Louis Vuitton Instinct Half Boots. Is it the patchwork leather, the half boot height or the diamond shaped heel in a signature Louis Vuitton flower? Maybe all three. The point is, I have just purchased a gorgeous pair of black ankle boots from Sarah’s great story on Winter Boots. Do I really need another pair? Yes. Is there such a thing as too many ankle boots? No.

Furthermore, it feels like these boots are following me everywhere. Well not really, but you must admit that it is a bit of a coincidence that whilst scrolling through Instagram one of my favourite fashion influencers, Tash Sefton, has just bought the exact same pair. It’s a sign!

For now the Louis Vuitton Instinct Half Boots will remain on my lust list, but Tash, if you ever get tired of your boots feel free to send them my way. I take a size 38.5 EU. Actually don’t worry about the sizing; I’ll make sure they fit. (Shop Style AND Tonic story below)


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Instinct Half Boot

louis vuitton  instinct half boot

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