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Love From Venus - Georgia Hatziz

In Her Closet – Georgia Hatzis Love From Venus

We caught up with the gorgeous founder and designer of the hugely popular jewellery label, Love from Venus, to hear all about how she built her successful brand and of course to peak inside her enviable closet.

Name:  Georgia Hatzis

Occupation:  Designer and Founder of Love From Venus

Tell us about what you do and what your days normally involve?

My week days begin with a morning gym session to energise my mind and body. I find it the best way to start a busy day.

I have the luxury of working from our home which enables me to organise my appointments around my daily work load.  During new season releases and after we have completed our trade shows, I work non stop for a few months just getting orders out. Many nights I find myself working until midnight,  but I always stop to have dinner with my children so I can hear all about their day at school.

When my work load is under control, I focus on designing the following seasons collections and i usually stop working around dinnertime.  My weekends are now more enjoyable as I have learnt to balance my work and family life.  I can now switch off at the weekend and enjoy my time being a mum and going out to dinner with my husband or friends.

Love From Venus - Georgia Hatziz

How did you become a jewellery designer?

I studied Fine Arts at UCDavies in California and at the same time I worked as a Visual Merchandiser for Macys.  I specialised in the Designer Fashion Departments which included Ralph Lauren.

I have always loved crystals and their holistic and healing properties so I made a few special jewellery gifts for my girlfriends with with some beautiful stones.  Demand then began to grow from people who saw the jewellery and wanted some themselves. Then stores began approaching me and it’s now been eight years and we are still growing.

Why and how did you end up studying in the US?

On my first visit to the USA after i finished year 12,  I fell in love with California. I was fortunate to have many relatives living there so I decided to continue my schooling in California as an International student. I fell in love with living in a larger world. At that stage Australia was so far removed from the rest of the world.  However now I know that Australia is one of the best places to live on this earth especially when it comes to raising a family. I have no regrets and it was a wonderful time in my life, making lots of friends and experiencing the American culture.

After living in California for five years and travelling back regularly,  I still love the USA and feel patriotic to the country however I love Australia much more.

 Tell us about Love From Venus?

Love from Venus is jewellery created with meaning.  Each piece is designed for the wearer to receive “positive energy” benefits. I incorporate affirmations and power words in my jewellery such as Love, Protect, Empower, Good Karma which serve as reminders for the wearer to stay in a positive mind-set.  My love for crystal energy and my beliefs in the Law of Attraction, that I have used to create my life, is now widely accepted by many and resonates with my customers who have the same intentions to live a life filled with positive energy.

The brand is still growing in Australia with close to 200 stores selling Love from Venus.  We are also stocked in the USA, New Zealand and Netherlands.  We are working to establish more distribution options so the “love energy will spread globally”.

Love From Venus - Georgia Hatziz

Do you have any advice for women who want to become jewellery designers?

Firstly only choose to be in the world of design if you are highly creative.  To create collections season after season you must have a clear and unique vision of who you are and the brand you are creating.  The key is to have your own identification or signature style so you can stand out.   I am often told that my brand LFV is easily recognisable and unique which is key to its continuing success.

Best advice you’ve ever been given? 

Stay True to Who You Really Are, Always. Follow your instinct because you always know what to do through your feelings.  If it feels good then it is the right choice.  Our inner radar guides us through life.

On Personal Style:

What do you wear to work? 

When I am extremely busy and we need to get orders out  – I prefer to be in my gym gear and Nikes as this puts me in a fast mode mentality and I can run up and down my stairs easily.  Due to the fact that I work from home I can do as I please…  I actually  prefer not to wear any jewellery at all when I work, but when I leave home I always wear a few pieces for a touch of style.

How would you describe your style?

My style can be described as modern and classic. For a stylish casual look I love tailored blazers, white shirts or t-shirts and denim, teamed with high heels in a nude or taupe.  For dressier occasions I love the feminine look of a mid length skirt or dress. In Winter I prefer to wear black, greys and neutrals where as in Spring and Summer I love wearing prints and colours.

Love From Venus - Georgia Hatziz

Who is your style muse?

I do not really follow any one in particular for their style however I do like elements of certain style influencers. I like Olivia Palermo and Kate Waterhouse for their modern classic style.  For boho luxe I like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. For a sexier style I like Jennifer Hawkins and Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

 What is your signature accessory?

My leather wrist wraps.  A neutral colour armstack is a signature look for me.  When it comes to luxe accessories it would be my Chanel Boy Chain Bag or my Prada Black work bag and designer shoes.

Love From Venus - Georgia Hatziz

Favourite style tip? 

Always have your hair done, I have a blow wave every week and usually a spray tan too, this give me great base for whatever I choose to wear.

Most importantly though dress simply but well, and add only luxe accessories, be it your bag, shoes or jewels.  I prefer not to wear lower quality accessories, firstly because they don’t make me feel good and it takes away the “style factor”.  Its better to have only one beautiful piece than a lot of low quality items that don’t last.

Item you’ll never part with?

My designer bags, designer shoes, Ralph Lauren classic blazers, classic designer dresses, Camilla kaftans and cashmere wraps.

Must have beauty products in your bag?

I love to have with me Kosmea Rosewater Mist spray or Jurlique Mist Sprays, Chanel Lipsticks, Priori Mineral Make up powder, Mac blotting powder compact and a bottle of water always.

Love From Venus - Georgia Hatziz

Can you tell us any books that have changed your life?

I love reading books that are inspirational such as The law of Attraction and Ask and it is Given.  I also enjoy books on Philosophy, Modern Art and Design.

Every woman should own (fill in the blank) as an essential piece in her wardrobe?   Seamless underwear.

Favourite designers?

I admire many designers for the different styles of work they do.  My favourite International designers include,  Balmain,  Gucci, Isabel Marant, & Lover.  My favourite Australian designers include Zimmermann, Alex Perry, Camilla for resort wear, By Johnny, Aje and White Suede.  I discover many up and coming designers via Instagram which is so exciting.

Love From Venus - Georgia Hatziz

Most recent purchase?

For our Autumn Winter season I invested in a Burberry clutch bag in military red and classic black Louboutins.

What will you be splurging on this coming season?

Not sure. I will wait and see what i fall in love with on my European Summer holiday which is only a few weeks away.

On Travel

We see that you love to travel, what are your favourite destinations and why?

Yes I do love to travel, I guess it’s the sense of adventure that I enjoy and discovering new places. Travel is one of life’s greatest luxuries as it enriches your life and who you are as a person.  No amount of education can make you worldly.

Ever since i was 19 I have enjoyed traveling on my own.  Every year I went to the Greek Islands (when I lived in California – it was a much shorter flight) I made friends when I got there and I was never afraid.  However,  I would never do that now, maybe I felt that the world was a safer place back then.

We now travel as a family every year with at least two  International trips as a family.  For business we travel at least every second month.

Favourite destinations will always be the Greek Islands.  We are taking our children this month for the first time to Greece which is very exciting.  We have taken them to many wonderful places around the world and they love travelling too.  It’s our family thing that we all enjoy together.

Love From Venus - Georgia Hatziz

Any secret hobbies or talents apart  from jewellery design?

My greatest passion is painting, so when I have the luxury of time I love to paint.  Another passion is Philosophy and you can see that reflected in my jewellery. I could never create something that didn’t have significant meaning and a message with it. I love depth in everything – it’s who I am.

I also love crystal energy and incorporating the gorgeous and powerful stones in my jewels for holistic healing and benefits.

On Friendship


In 3 words, how would your friends describe you?

Always positive, stylish and deep (they often say spiritual but I would say in touch with Who I Am)

What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship, I have learnt in life, is a sacred bond.  Even if you do not see your friends often, there should always be a form of “friendship love” for one another as well as respect for who you are, and knowledge that you’ll be there for each other in good and bad times.

I can say confidently, that in my life, my best friend is my husband, before anyone else.  Like everyone, we have many social friends we see at get togethers and that is fun too. However having a deeper,more soulful friendship is another one of life’s greatest gifts.

Love From Venus - Georgia Hatziz

Love From Venus is available in Myer stores nationwide (see website for designer stores)

Feathers fashion stores in Melbourne and Sydney.

See Love From Venus website for Fine Jewellery Stores & Luxe boutique stockists.

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