Hair Trend Forecast in 2015

Celebrity Hair & Makeup artist, Alisia Ristevski, gives us the latest scoop on hair trends for 2015 as well as a wrap up of what was hot in 2014. Not sure about you, but  after this advice it looks like it’s time for another visit to the hairdresser for lighter locks!

Alisia Ristevski www.littledollface.com

Hair Wrap Up of 2014

If there is one word that sums up 2014 hair styles it would have to be ‘short’. Women all over the world said goodbye to their long wavy hair and went for a shorter do. With this, the fake long hair extensions went and made way for natural hair that saw us creating new styles and textures and experimenting with products such as powder puff.

Karlie Kloss started the long bob trend a couple of years ago and this year celebrities made it mainstream. We also saw a lot more people going lighter (the blonder the better) and embracing the ombre look. Celebrities everywhere started lightening up their locks, whilst still maintaining a natural and soft look.

Hair Trend Forecast in 2015

Balayage and shorter hair was popular in 2014 and will continue to be in 2015








Hair Trend Forecast for 2015

More and more people will opt for shorter hair. The length might be a little longer than the short bob, but the days of extremely long hair are well and truly over.

We will also see more natural tones coming back with a striking contrast colour on the bottom half (think Kylie Jenner with green hair.) This trend can be adapted for anyone over 20 by using Kevin Murphy Hair chalk or a similar products to brighten the blonde or light tones in the bottom half of the hair.

Whist Balayage is still popular, we will also see natural highlights coming back into vogue albeit several shades lighter than the original hair colour.

Hair Trend Forecast in 2015

Significantly all over lighter locks in 2015

Hair Trend Forecast in 2015

Kevin Murphy chalk can be used to creat two tone effect in natural colours such as white in 2015







Alisia Ristevski www.littledollface.com




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