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Sarah and I were fortunate enough to be invited to a Perfume Masterclass at Christine’s in Melbourne. The talented Lucy Borland, who is the National Training Director of Agence de Parfum, hosted the event.

After a lesson in perfumery that tantalised our olfactory senses, it had us thinking about our current perfume collection and what we needed for the new season ahead. The old days of owning one perfume are gone. We love wearing perfume based on our mood, occasion and most imporantantly season. The reason being, season and temperature plays a major role in how a perfume smells and its intensity.

Heat intensifies the scent of a fragrance so something that evokes a sense of spring or summertime with the right ingredients is essential. These fragrances are also said to be lighter and cooler and include citrus, floral, fruity and aqua scents. Warmer weather combined with higher body heat will evaporate your perfume faster so you may need to reapply.

Cold weather reduces the intensity of perfume scent, and is further reduced with all the layers we need to wear. Therefore stronger scents with their mossy, woody and spicy tones are best for this season. They usually evoke a sense of warmth, smooth and comforting feeling. And if it’s the beginning of the cold season, you don’t have to go to as heavy on the scent as winter.

The Fragrance Wheel is divided into 4 areas of Oriental, Woody, Floral and Fresh. The majority of us will naturally gravitate toward one of these families, where upon there are further subcategories. Each family leads to the next in the Fragrance wheel by blendeing scents together.  For example, Florals become Soft Florals when blended with aldehydes. Soft Florals are converted into Floral Orientals by adding the scents of orange blossom and sweet spices. And so on around the chart.

perfume wheel

So with spring around the corner in Australia, or autumn in the northern Hemisphere, we have a number of our favourite perfumes that will be perfect for the new season.


1. Fresh Notes: citrus, tangy, soft sea breeze

Creed | Jo Malone | Miss Dior | Tom Ford

match your perfume to season


2. Floral Notes: aldehydes, delicate flowers, abstract florals, fruits

Hermes | Burberry | Jean Patou

Floral Perfume to match season


1. Oriental Notes: fragrant flowers, spices, incense and amber

Clive Christian | Guerlain | Estee Lauder |

oriental perfume match seasons

2. Woody Notes – oakmoss, amber, cedar and citrus Chypre

Hermes | Lubin

woody perfumes match season


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