Do It In A Dress

Do It In A Dress

| It’s been long time since we wore a school dress, but the Do It In A Dress campaign is a great reason to start rummaging through the cupboard to find it.

Melbourne-based charity One Girl  fifth annual Do It In A Dress campaign is happening this October.

The idea is to find a challenge that you can do with your friends, while wearing a school dress and raising much needed funds to give women and girls in Sierra Leone access to education through scholarships, school rehabilitation projects, and business training.

Do It In A Dress

Style AND Tonic love this idea, because we are passionate believers in the importance of education for girls and the fact that it can impact a whole family so positively.

According to UNICEF, there are over 66 million girls in the world who are not in school and in Sierra Leone only one in six girls gets the opportunity to attend high school. 23% of adolescent women are in marriages or unions, meaning a girl is more likely to be a child bride than to attend school.

“The impact of sending just one girl to school is undeniable: she will marry later, have a smaller and healthier family and for every year a girl stays in school she’ll increase her income by at least 10%, investing 90% of it back into her family,” says Chantelle Baxter, CEO of One Girl.

Since 2011, over 2500 participants from all over the world have taken part in the Do It In A Dress campaign, which has raised just over $1 million for One Girl’s girls’ education projects across Africa.

“Do It In A Dress is all about having fun whilst making a difference. If you believe every girl has the right to an education, it’s time to take a stand – in a school dress – for girls education!” adds Chantelle Baxter.

One Girl invites you to join the movement for girl’s education. Go to: www.doitinadress.com to sign up, pick a challenge, and wear a dress in the biggest Do It In A Dress campaign yet!


Do It In A Dress

About One Girl:

  • One Girl is a non-profit organisation founded in 2009 by Melburnians Chantelle Baxter and David Dixon.
  • One Girl currently works in Sierra Leone, West Africa to give girls access to education through their education projects. In 2015 they will also be expanding into Uganda.
  • Since 2011, One Girl has provided 200 girls with education scholarships, trained over 3000 girls in small business and financial literacy skills, and given 1200 women and girls access to affordable, biodegradable sanitary pads.
  • Through One Girl’s ‘School Awesomisation’ project they’ve also built a new school and toilet block, which benefits over 270 students – with another school on the way. School Awesomisation is a project that aims to rehabilitate schools that have become unsafe, or lack toilets, to ensure all students have a safe place to learn.

do it in a dress

Above picture

Camilla Franks – Camilla Boutique

Megan Castran – Jewel Chic with her daughter supporting the campaign

Megan Castran –  In Her Closet

For more information about One Girl’s work visit: www.onegirl.org.au

To join the Do It In A Dress campaign, head to: www.doitinadress.com

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