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How to create fuller lips

If you are missing the Angelina Jolie gene for beautiful plump lips don’t despair as our celebrity Hair & Makeup contributor, Alisia Ristevski from Little Dollface, has provided us with a few industry tricks. (Littledollface  by Alisia Ristevski)

 Prepare the lip area

In my opinion lips need care like the rest of your skin. We need to make sure they stay hydrated and soft for any application of lip gloss or lip stick. A smooth surface allows the product to adhere to the skin instead of dead and dry skin cells. My trick is to use a soft bristled toothbrush and gently rub any dead skin cells away. You can now try one of three makeup tricks below to create fuller lips.

Lighter Colours

Try choosing a sheer or lighter lip colour as it will make your lips appear fuller and the opposite is true with dark colours so avoid them if your lips are thin. (Tom Ford Lipstick | YSL Lipstick)

How to create fuller lips


Lip Liner

If you are using a bright colour like red or orange it’s important to use a matching liner. While you are lining your lips, draw the liner slightly and softly over the top lip and use the same technique on the bottom lip.   This will create the illusion of a slightly larger pout. Lip liners are equally important when using light shades as not only can you create the illusion of fuller lips, but your lipstick or gloss will stay on longer.

How to create fuller lips


Lip Gloss

A great trick I use, that works equally well on a bright lip as it does on a nude lip, is using a small dab of lip gloss in the middle of the top and bottom lip. The gloss reflects light in the centre of your lips to create an illusion of plumper lips. (Nars Lipgloss | Nars Lipgloss)

How to create fuller lips


Littledollface by Alisia Ristevski




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