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Courtside style – What to Wear to the Australian Open.

The Australian Open begins on January 19 and runs for two weeks.  This major event will see tennis champions and their many fans flock to Melbourne from around the globe to battle it out for the Grand Slam title.

If you live in Melbourne or are an avid tennis fan you will know that this time of the year is usually hot, really hot, (for Melbourne anyway) usually in the 30’s or 40’s. It’s held at a time when most Australians are enjoying their post-Christmas holiday break before the New Year formally begins, which is widely regarded as after Australia Day on 26th January. Given this, the Australian Open, although a very serious event, is a fairly laid back affair.

There is no formal dress code and the only dictator of fashion is the Melbourne weather

When it comes to dressing for the Australian Open it’s easiest to decide what you are wearing based on where you’ll be watching the game from. We’ve scoured the internet to find some style inspiration to help you choose the perfect outfit for the day.

Casual Spectator

If you are going as a casual spectator choose an outfit you’ll be comfortable in, that will not be restrictive.  Since you’ll be sitting in a stadium chair you want to relax and not have to continually watch how you sit all day, so keep away from short skirts. Shorts or light weight pants, paired with sandals or espadrilles are a great choice. Checkout our recent story on espadrilles for hints and inspiration.

There are so many great hats around at the moment from Panamas and Fedoras to Visors or stylish caps.  Hats are a must, to keep the sun away from your face.  It’s a good idea to make sure it’s no too obtrusive – you don’t want to offend other spectators by blocking their view.

When it comes to bags, choose a tote or a cross-body style or a leather backpack that will hold everything you need for the day.

Sunglasses are also a must and will greatly improve your viewing experience.  Aviator and coloured frame sunglasses work well with casual style outfits and add personality to your look. Check out our recent post on the latest sunglasses trend.

Corporate Box

If you are spending the day in a corporate box entertaining clients or better yet, being entertained, then you will be expected to look more dressed up than a casual spectator. It’s not work wear but more smart casual.  Tailored shorts (see our story on choosing the right pair for you) or skirts or a sophisticated summer dress are all good options.  A smart bag and summer sandals and sunglasses, are all a must.  Given this event is held in Melbourne, it’s a good idea to have a lightweight knit or jacket that can be worn if the match plays into the night or if there is a cool change. (Shop Style AND Tonic below)

Style AND Tonic Hints

# Take a lightweight top for night games

# Wear loads of sunscreen and also carry sunscreen on you


Casual Spectator Style

Shop Style AND Tonic

Hat | Top | Shorts | Bag | Sunglasses | Shoes


courtside style


Top | Pants | Hat | Shoe | Bag | Sunglasses

courtside style

Backpack | Dress | Visor | Sunglasses | Sandals

courtside style


Corporate Box Style


Sunglasses | Bag | Dress | Cuff | Sandals 

courtside style

Hat | Shoes | Skirt | Sunglasses | Top


courtside style

Top | Shorts | Sunglasses | Bag | Sandals

courtside style

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  1. Chadeofchic says:

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  2. Chadeofchic says:

    Very Nice Blog. I look forward to reading more in the future. If you are interested in my perspective on fashion check out my blog.

  3. Lee Taylor says:

    Style is important……….and so is protection for the eyes.
    Solar Bat tennis specific sunglasses provide that protection but also help the tennis spectator and player to see the ball more clearly. The lenses mute all colours except for optic yellow…….the ball! That means the ball stands out.
    And the frames are very stylish with different colour combinations.

  4. Sarah says:

    Fantastic website!
    Love it. 🙂


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