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Chyka Keebaugh RHM

Chyka Keebaugh from the Real housewives of Melbourne (RHOM) has been a favourite of Style AND Tonic’s ever since the show first aired in 2014.  Her bubbly personality and sophisticated and stylish wardrobe is the reason she is our latest style crush.

At 45 she is one half of the most successful privately owned catering, styling and events company in Australia, The Big Group. So it’s no surprise that her creative flair and attention to detail flows through to her personal style.

On the show Chyka is often seen in clothing by Australian designers such as Scanlan Theodore, Willow and Camilla mixed with international labels such as Victoria Beckham. Her style is best described as colourful, classic and fitted with a modern edge.

Chyka knows how to dress for her bodyshape and her dress choices always show off her small waist whether it’s a fitted pencil style dress or a full skirt.  Her fabrics of choice are scuba (Neo prene), cottons, crepe knits, silks, leather and wool blends. These fabrics are complimented often by luxurious textures in fur, sherling and feathers.  Another style signature Chyka is famous for is interesting necklines. She is often seen wearing strapless or one shoulder necklines to show off her toned arms, or she opts for deep V’s for maximum impact.

One of the things we love about Chyka is her love of colour. Bright vibrant pinks, reds and blues add personality to her outfits and make her stand out from the crowd.  When she is going for a more conservative look she likes neutrals such as beige and black but adds a beautiful crisp white shirt which adds a glow to her complexion.  She knows what colours suit her and compliment her beautiful olive skin to create a youthful and polished look.

When it comes to accessories Chyka chooses bold statement necklaces or large earrings that add colour to her face and provide a focal point to her outfit. And she wouldn’t be called a ROHM without the statement designer handbag.  See our recent story on statement necklaces(Shop Style AND Tonic story below.)

We hope to one day have a peak ‘In Her Closet’.  We’ll keep you posted!

Style AND Tonic Hints

# Choose clothes with colour and that compliment your skin tone

# Have fun with bold accessories

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Chyka Keebaugh RHM

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2 Responses to “Chyka Keebaugh – Style Crush”

  1. Sharon Sopha says:

    Chyka… please share your jewelry person with me…. I LOVE large chunky pieces, but at a reasonable rate. I have some dynamite pieces, but they are affordable. IF you would ever like to ‘hand me down’ your extras, I’d be more than willing to accept them. Love you and the show ~

    • Style and Tonic says:

      Hi we hope to take a peak in Chyka’s closet one day via our ‘In Her Closet’ series and we will ask her all about her accessories. We do however know that she wears a lot of the Mawi London label.

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