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Christine Centenera Style Crush

With immaculate street style and an enviable job as Senior Fashion Editor of Vogue Australia, Christine Centenera is our latest Style Crush.

Style AND Tonic love Centenera’s trademark clean lines, preference for a monochromatic palette, and the way she plays with proportions. In fact, for someone who is not very tall, and quite petite, Centenera excels at layering. She also has a talent for playing with different lengths and structures.

The senior fashion editor has a preference for tailored jackets (Style AND Tonic believe everyone should own at least one fabulous blazer) and high heels. She also has a talent for being able to wear skirts and dresses of any length with unexpected jackets and vests (maxi skirt and mid thigh blazer anyone?)and still have her petite frame look in proportion. She also favours and has enviable access to brands such as Celine, Balenciaga, Balmain, Hermes accessories, Givenchy and Tom Ford to name but a few.

To achieve Centenera’s style, always pair your outfit with a heel such as a pointy pump or peep toe boots. Stick to monochrome colours and choose an excellent quality and fitted tailored jacket. This will then enable you to be a bit more adventurous with your bottoms such as slouchy jeans, leather drop crotch pants, angled skirts, short asymmetrical dresses and so on. Centenera also has a talent for adding one statement accessory whether it is a unique belt or oversized sunglasses. She also keeps her hair and makeup very understated and natural so that she always looks sophisticated, stylish and on trend.(Shop Style AND Tonic below)

Style AND Tonic Hints

# For an extra glamorous look drape outerwear such as blazer or coat over shoulders

# When wearing a short skirt or dress keep the upper body covered to achieve a sophistacted presence

# Wear something fitted if you want to add a trend piece whilst still looking elegant. For example fitted blazer with drop crotch pant or midi pencil skirt with oversized knit.

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Christine Centenera Style Crush

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