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Charlize Theron is our latest style crush, but before we launch into how we much we love her style choices we need to acknowledge that she is one of the most beautiful and genetically blessed women in the world.  The acclaimed actress is also a former model and at 177 cm tall and we recognise that she has a lot going for her and she is certainly not your everyday woman. Nevertheless we chose Charlize because not only does she look statuesque and immaculate on the red carpet but when she is off duty, she  still manages to look incredibly stylish.

Off duty Casual

When dressing down the 39 year old is often seen in jeans with a knits or loose t-shirts giving her a casual and relaxed vibe.  Like most women of her height and body shape she wears the 7/8 pant finishing just above the ankle which is a flattering style for her frame. Her casual shoes include trainers, ballet flats, flat sandals and brogues.

Off duty Glamour

Charlize has long legs and often shows them off in short skirts and high heels  She wears classic tops to compliment her skirts or high neck dresses to keep the look elegant and sophisticated.

Another look we love is her more glamorous casual look when she wears skinny leg pants with boots or strappy heels and a structured blazer or voluminous coat in black or navy.


Regardless of the outfit Charlize is wearing her accessories are always kept simple and usually include a large neutral colour bag, a lightweight scarf and dark sunglasses.


Style AND Tonic Hints

#To make your legs appear thinner when wearing skinny jeans, wear more volume on top

# When wearing the same colour, mix the fabrics and textures for a more luxurious look


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