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Chanel Flats 2015

By Sarah Makris

5 Reasons to Splurge on Chanel Ballet Flats

It was more than ten years ago in New York when I bought my first pair of Chanel ballets flats.  They were a champagne colour with a slightly metallic gold toe and it was love at first sight.  I lived in these shoe for years and they looked great with every Summer outfit i wore.  Since then I have always invested in Chanel Ballet flats and everyone who knows me knows that Chanel flats are my go-to shoe.  Like Coco Chanel, I look for comfort and style, preferably together, so it is no wonder that I am a huge fan of the Chanel ballet flat.

After reading other posts on the Internet about this shoe and from my own conversations with women over the years, there is one questions that seems to come up the most and that is “Are they worth the money, when there are so many other flats style shoes around?”  While I can’t tell you to spend the money I can give you 5 reasons why you should splurge on this shoe, why I love them and why I keep going back for more.

1. The Heel

One of the most flattering things about the Chanel ballet flat is that it has a very small and subtle heel that adds a flattering edge to the shoes and gives the wearer a longer line. You still get the flat casual appearance but with a sneaky bit of height.

2. Travelling

Not only do these shoes fit snuggly in a carry on bag but they are also a great choice when travelling around airports and flying on planes. They are also a lightweight and comfortable shoe to explore cities while still looking stylish.

3. Classic and Timeless

For more than 50 years this shoe has been a chic option for stylish women everywhere and of every age.  Other shoe styles come and go but this shoe never loses its appeal.


Chanel Flats 2015

4. Stylish and Versatile

There isn’t much you can’t wear a Chanel ballet flat with.  From jeans and a shirt to a trench and Capri pants they are incredibly versatile.  In summer I like to wear mine with light weight skirts and I’ve even worn them with my Nike Bliss pants. The colours and textures are varied, with loads to choose from.  I always have a fresh black pair in my closet and I choose the more sturdy leather to ensure they look good for longer.  I also like to have a beige pair for the summer months in a softer lambskin.


Chanel Flats 2015

 5. Comfort

These are really comfortable shoes. Unlike other flat shoes, the back of the shoe does not go too far up your heel so you don’t get any rubbing. The leather is soft and moulds to your feet too!

Fun Fact about Chanel Flats

#Christian Louboutin claims to be the designer behind the Chanel Cambon flat shoes when he worked for Chanel

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