Sarah and I have an effortless friendship that has much to do with our love of all things fashion (hence the blog) and knowing way too much about each other (have we really started finishing each others sentences?) But we also can’t help but think that having the same star sign, fabulous Leos of course, has made that bond even stronger.

Now as someone with a background in Science I am not one to believe in anything that hasn’t been proven by a hypothesis. However, even the most cynical of us must admit there is something mysterious and fun about the Zodiac and Horoscopes. So we thought it was fitting to start a monthly series on the perfect birthday gift based on the star signs of the wonderful women in our lives, beginning with the Leo woman.

About the Leo Woman: Leo July 23 – August 23

  • Your reflection is your best friend
  • Shiny accessories and bling go together like coffee and Monday mornings
  • You pretend you don’t like being the centre of attention but you’ve practiced your Academy Award speech numerous times

Birthday Gift Ideas

When choosing a birthday gift idea for the Leo woman, think shiny metals, jewels, animal prints and bright colours. They love bold statement pieces, as their appearance is important to them.

They also love being pampered and cared for so beauty creams, day at the spa or a manicure are also big hits. And we’ve never met a Leo that said no to a glass of champagne; just remember to include a selection of gourmet cheeses.

However the most important thing to all Leo women is the love and loyalty of their friendships. After all, what’s a birthday celebration without an adoring audience?

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