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 Product find – Eye Brightener

By Sarah x

I love a great product find and my current beauty must have is an eye brightener and highlighter from the Mecca Cosmetica range.  It’s an item that is probably unidentifiable to anyone looking at me wearing it, but actually does an amazing job of hiding the fact that i’ve been up since 5am and desperately want to go back to bed by 9am.

With such a lofty and long name, when i first saw the Beauty Sleep Artistry Eye Brightner in store, i really didn’t know what to expect. After trying it a few times I’m hooked and thrilled that it actually does what it says. – I love it when that happens!

mecca beauty sleep

There are two ends to this product.  One end is pointy and the other end is slightly thicker.

The pointy end contains a thin flesh coloured pencil designed for use on the inner rim and corner of the eye to conceal redness and create the illusion of wider, brighter eyes.

The thicker side of this applicator contains an illuminating cream highlighter for use around the eye and brow area to lighten and conceal shadows and dark circles.

It’s great for those morning when you don’t want to put much makeup on or you’ve had a late night but still want to look fresh-faced.

Have you tried this product? Have you got a great product find?  Let us know in the comments section below


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mecca beauty sleep

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