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5 steps to creating the perfect arm stack

Summer is a great time for accessories and one of our favourite trends at the moment is the arm stack. So while your arms are normally soaking up the sun in short sleeve tops and dresses it’s a great time to give it a try.

Before starting you’ll need to raid your accessories collection for anything that goes around your wrist like bangles bracelet, cuffs, a watch, and fine jewellery.

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1. Choose a theme

Are you going for a luxury arm stack or a summer carefree bohemian vibe?  Your choice should reflect the outfit and occasion. and will determine the colours and style of arm pieces you choose. I normally base my theme around a couple colours.


2. Start with a statement piece

The statement item should be the focal point . It could be a large leather cuff or bright and textured bangle or even a watch. From there you build your arm stack with items that reflect your overall theme but compliment your statement piece.

arm stack luxe

2. Mix up the textures and materials

A good way to add variety is through texture. Materials such leather, silver, gold, enamel, string, metals and stones work well.

arm stack summer

3. Mix the sizes

Size is another way to mix the arm stack especially if you are keeping with one colour. Really fine jewellery can look great next to a big cuff or a chunky watch and large bracelets.


5. Have Fun

Go with what suits you. Play with different combinations until you find one that not only looks good but feels right too.

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Style AND Tonic Hints

# Mix up the arm stack – variety is key

# Don’t over-think your combinations


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